Booking Questions

Our tours are fully inclusive of guides, clothing, fuel motorbikes, accommodation (whilst on the tour) set breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Whatever we’ve included in the tour itinerary is completely included in the tour price. Your personal drinking and eating requirements are all you will have to pay for yourself.

There is a 50% booking deposit to be paid initially upon booking. If you need to cancel your tour with us our policy of refund is as follows.

  • For cancellations made 3 months before the tour date, a processing / cancellation fee of 25% of the total tour price will be charged. The balance will be refunded or a different date can be rearranged.
  • For cancellations made less than 3 months before the start of the tour, a processing / cancellation fee of 50% of the total tour price will be charged. If a reservation has been paid for in full, we will refund the remaining 50% of the total tour cost.
  • If for any reason we have to cancel your booking we will give you a full refund.

There is a great amount of preparation that goes into our tours so on the spot booking is very difficult. It would be far better to book your tour dates online or by phone. This gives us the necessary information to ensure your tour is the best it can possibly be for your specific needs.

We can provide tours for a maximum of 5 riders per tour.

Yes, we can tailor-make tours for anyone as required. Just contact us to discuss the details. However single riders can join any of our tours with existing riders, in which case no extra charges are incurred. We encourage group tours for a number of reasons. Most people find the group interaction a much better experience and it helps us to keep our prices keen.

We support all forms of payment both online and offline. Payments can be made directly to our bank account or via third-party providers such as Paypal.

We have a general terms and conditions page for tours and for rentals. Visit our website for full details.

Bike and Tour Questions

We drive on the left in Thailand and the rules of the road tend to be in line with England and Australia for the most part. Of course, there are differences but our guides will make you fully aware of the main points to follow. A driving license is rather easy to obtain in Thailand which means there are many inexperienced drivers in Thailand. It is always advisable to keep a watch out for other road users. There are also many areas where animals frequently walk on the road. We strongly advise staying in close contact with our guides for the safest experience.

Yes, no problem. We will help you with any alternative arrangements you wish to make and made sure you know our destination details at the end of the day. Our full tour itinerary will be made available so the choice is yours to follow or discover a new route.

Any bike failures need to be reported to our guides as soon as they occur. This way we can prevent any further damages and make sure your bike is in the best condition. You are covered by our third-party insurance whilst riding our bikes, however, any claims do incur a 25,000 baht excess and in the case of the bike being written off by the insurer, there is a 100,000 baht excess charge. For more details visit our tours or rental term and conditions page.

Yes, all of our tours are fully described in our tours section, it includes the total amount of km we ride on any specific day. Some days are more demanding than others with a maximum of around 250km. We’ve design our longer tours so that those long journeys are spread out throughout the tour. Most of the time we take a relaxing ride with plenty of stops and excursions.

When driving or riding in Thailand it is imperative to obtain an (IPD) International Driving Permit which is an official translation of your international driver’s licence. This addition to your International Drivers Licence is required by Thai Law before driving in the country. To get this addition you must contact your Drivers registration office in your home country. Some countries allow the permit to be mailed to your home address while others require that you register in person.

Permits can be obtained through third party online services but we DO NOT advise this as it may not be legal if you get into an accident while riding. By adding this document legally to your existing international licence you ensure that you are diving legally in Thailand.

When riding make sure that you have your IPD with your International driver’s licence and passport at all times.

For our short tours, our base in Pattaya has full changing rooms with lockers for your possessions. On longer tours, there is a surprising amount of storage on each bike compression of pannier bags and top boxes. Whatever your needs are we will find a solution for you.

Thai Legal Requirements Questions

Seasonal Changed And Road Conditions Questions

For near-perfect riding conditions, we recommend dates between October and February. During this time the weather in Thailand is mostly dry with gorgeous temperatures. Our Northern Thailand tours are particularly suited to these dates.

March to June are the hottest months in Thailand, It remains mostly dry during these months so road conditions are still very good within most cases all areas accessible to riders. Temperatures can be as high as 40 degrees so make sure you bring suncream.

July to October are the best months to visit waterfalls. Our Northern and Eastern tours have some of the world’s best falls included in the tour. Riding conditions do get muddy and wet but if you’re looking for a wild adventure and have some good riding skills this could be the best time to take a tour.

What do I need to bring on the tour?

Along with the bikes and guides we kit you out with the very best internationally imported motorbike clothing from the helmet to the boots, you’re completely covered right down to the socks. Lockers are provided for your personal belongings at our base and the bikes all have pannier and top box storage. Just bring your documents, sunnies, shorts, and T-shirts.

If you are looking for top quality then buying from your own country is a better option in most cases. A cheaper option is Chinese brands that can be bought in the North of Thailand at good prices. The quality is decent for the price.