Terms And Conditions (rental)

Below are the Motorbike Madness requirements for Motorcycle rentals


From the time specified in the rental agreement, to the agreed day and time of completion. If damage to the bike means it cannot be returned due to either theft or destruction (not covered in the insurance). The rental period will end when Motorbike Madness gains confirmation.


2 wheeled vehicles in Thailand are limited to third-party insurance. Upon signing of the rental agreement the renter agrees to all liabilities to claims.


Third-party insurance offers protection against damages to the third party by the insured vehicle. It covers physical injuries, damages to the vehicle, damage to the property, and death.


Third-party insurance does not provide any compensation, if:

  • The driver/rider is under the influence of alcohol.
  • The driver/rider does not hold a current relevant license lawful in Thailand.
  • The driver/rider is not of legal age according to Thailand law.
  • Any damage to the rented vehicle caused by the driver/rider
  • The vehicle was used for any commercial purposes or illegal activities
  • The vehicle gets stolen


The renter agrees to compensate Motorcycle madness for any damages caused that are not covered by the insurance. A list of repair and replacement costs is available to the renter for clarification.

The renter must provide originals of Passport and driver’s license to Motorbike Madness and agree to allow copies to be filed.

Any additional passengers must agree to acknowledge the terms of the rental agreement.


Upon collection or delivery of the rental bike, the renter will sign all relevant documents. The renter will return the vehicle within the agreed 24 hours rental period to the same location. The renter must follow any and all restrictions agreed to during the rental period.


No rides outside the rental agreement are permitted to take control of the bike.

The rental agreement is restricted to Thailand only. Riders must not take the bike over any Thai border.

The renter is fully responsible for the safety of the bike while not in use. All locking devices must be used at all times the bike is not accompanied.

The renter must at first possible opportunity report any damage to the bike to Motorbike Madness. We will then advise you on what actions to take.

Do not ride the bike if the tire is damaged or flat.

The renter must drive/ride the vehicle in accordance with Thai law. Any infringements are the sole responsibility of the renter.

Motorbike Madness holds no responsibility for any false or illegal documents provided by the renter.

Damage to the rented vehicle

Any and all damage to the rented vehicle (not covered by the insurance) is the sole responsibility of the renter. In the event that the vehicle is unrideable due to damage (not covered by the insurance) caused by the renter. All towing and repairs have to be authorized by Motorcycle madness before being carried out and are the sole responsibility of the renter.

Any and all traffic infringements are the sole responsibility of the renter.

Late return of the rented vehicle will incur a fine according to the rates set out in the rental agreement.