Golden Triangle Grand Tour

Thailand’s world-famous northern magic is the focus of this 2 week touring adventure of a lifetime.

Golden Triangle Grand Tour

Renowned the world over for being one of the most loved Motorcycling destinations, with a huge motorcycle enthusiasts following from all over the globe. Chiang Mai and its surrounding provinces offer riders unparalleled diversity with roads to die for. This jungle paradise is home to some of Thailand’s most infamous and elusive tribes living life as they have for countless centuries. Living deep in the mountain top jungles of the north.

On our epic adventure, we’ll encounter worshiped caves with monuments offered to the Lord Buddha. Hot natural springs with rejuvenating minerals are plentiful along with fabulous temples and of course landscapes that will be burnt into your subconscious.

The Mae Hong Song Loop is a key leg in the journey with thousands of undulating twists and inclines to offer challenging terrain and infinite oceans of jungle countryside.

Golden Triangle Grand Tour

Our tour includes the north’s most visited towns such as Chiang Mai and Pai. These settlements date back thousands of years with some of Thailand’s most important National treasures. Surely not to be missed.

Pai in particular is a traveller’s oasis of culture, breathtaking scenery, night bazaars and themed restaurants all located in one of the worlds most awe-inspiring spectacles.

Your accommodation on this totally unique tour of the north is a combination of traditional homestays, boutique-style hotels and friendly local guest houses. Although not 5 stars, they give our riders a taste for the local areas and their inhabitants, both human and non-human.


This 2-week’s island tour is fully inclusive and starts with chauffeur transfers from your hotel to our base camp via our very own luxury minivans. When you arrive at our custom-built fully equipped Motorcycle facility you’ll be giving a tour of our substantial site. Our facility includes a well-run restaurant offering a range of quality western and Thai food including beverages both soft and alcoholic. Our fully fitted changing rooms boast hot showers, clean toilets, and safety lockers for all your possessions. Most impressive of all is our very own training course. We request that all our guests listen to a short but well-informed safety briefing before heading out on the roads. After this, we’ll get you all suited up with high-quality imported safety clothing from the world’s leading brands and pair each ridder with our fleet of high-performance touring bikes. Here we put you through your passes on a variety of terrain at our specially designed onside training course preparing you for the roads and trails ahead.


We’ve got a feature packs day ahead so we’ll be starting out nice and early, but not before a proper energy-filled breakfast. 380km of open roads taking us through the province of Chonburi and passed the huge metropolis of Bangkok. It’s a demanding ride but there will be lots of stops for rest and refreshments. Our destination is Temple Wat Kiriwong situated in Thai manicured gardens on the Dao-wa-dung hill. The interesting temple boasts a 4 tiered pagoda where golden sunsets can be viewed amidst the stunning countryside backdrops of Nakhon Sawan province’s 10 kilometers surroundings.


From this point on the adventure takes on an entirely new feel as the scenery is transformed into something from a bygone Thai era. This 250km rural run takes us through farmland and villages where the true nature of Thailand shows its face. Lunch is served in a friendly little restaurant in Kamphaeng Phet with well-prepared Thai specialties with the customers of fresh Mineral water from the Phra Ruang Hot Springs bubbling nearby. Soak away the journey in the warm inviting pools which will invigorate your soul.

Rested and back in the saddle we’re on our way to Bhumibol Dam, this short ride takes us along the Ping River, a tributary of the Chao Phraya river. The Dam is a tribute to Thai engineering and holds back a vast reservoir set in lush mist-drenched hills. Stretching into the distance is a pristine lake that impressively snakes its way right to the north’s largest city, Chiangmai. There are many Thai monuments and oriental bridges to see as we ride along the river’s edge. Since the construction of the Dam, many wildflowers and birds have made this enchanting place their home.


With 250km of glorious road ahead of us we’ll make a good start early in the morning. This section of the journey is a rider’s delight, there is so much to see along this route it really can’t be adequately explained in writing. It simply has to be experienced. Enthusiasts come back time and time again to relive the sights, sounds, and smells of this unique part of Thailand. Stops at the best viewpoints and Thai landmarks will be frequent and amazing.

Comfortable and clean boutique accommodation is waiting for you in Chiang Mai with a fantastic pool.

Once settled in and rested you have the option to discover Changmai’s amazing old city grounds and lively markets on your own or join us for a tour of the city highlights. Either way, you’re in for a feast of sights, tastes, and sounds to fill the senses. 800km north of our start point in Pattaya changes everything. There’s a vast difference to the traditions of the northern people of Thailand and they pride themselves on doing things that are a little bit better. You’ll have to make your own decisions but a night in the heart of this immensely important historical city is without question a must Thai experience.


Having ridden for the past 4 days we take a well-earned break from the bikes and let our driver do the work. We’re heading into the mountains of Doi Inthanon National Park, known as the roof of Thailand. . Renown as one of, if not the most famous National Parks in Thailand, and for good reason. This stunning location seems to be carved from the mind of an artist with mountain top strawberry fields, waterfalls, and cliff edge - to die for - views. 482 square kilometers of stunning landscape and Thailand’s highest peak are up for grabs on this awesome day out.

264 different types of mammals and over 1000 varieties of birds call this place home. Amongst the most exotic are the Asiatic golden cat and the clouded leopard, both thought to be at the point of being endangered :(

Our guests love this day for its relaxed atmosphere and epic views.


This is what it’s all about, the legendary Chiangmai to Pai road. It simply doesn’t get any better than this. 127km of the most picturesque and challenging roads to be found not only in Thailand but the whole world.

With every km we travel this epic leg of the adventure comes to life, sweeping corner after corner reveals Thailand’s phenomenal northern scenery in all its glory.

This is where our powerful Grand Tourers come into their own. Whether you’re riding the Honda CB500X or the Suzuki V Strom 650 you’re in for the ride of your life. To another road can compare to this. Riding through these thick tropical lush jungle mountains rich in wildlife and Thai historical landmarks is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The landscape will leave you breathless and in awe of just how beautiful our plant is.

Pai, once a small town in Mae Hong Son Province, has become a thriving tourist destination for travelers seeking its hidden wonders. Nestled very close to the Myanmar border this pristine unspoiled location has grown over the years aside the crystal-clear waters of the Pai River. The area surrounding Pai has many magnificent waterfalls and hot springs naturally bubbling out of mineral-rich mountain rocks. These stunning mountains are where the elusive Sino Tibetan language-speaking Karen tribe live. This infamous elusive tribe lives as they have for a documented 5000 years, well away from the influences of the modern world.

As with all areas of natural beauty, thousands of travelers flock to this incredible natural wonder, but this has brought some surprisingly good changes to the town. The night scene in Pai is a spectacle to see with people from all over the globe blending together creating an atmosphere unlike any other. We will take you into the heart of the party full of totally unique bars and entertainment. This strange magical place will make you feel like part of a tribe for a celebration of the human spirit well into the evening.


Time to leave the tourists and venture out. We will ride the most scenic back routes to our next destination being the Northern Karen Tribe. You will see life of a kind hardly ever seen. The dirt roads and wooden lodges of the tribe will transport you back to a long-lost time. Spending some time with the friendly spirited children of the tribe will leave you with heartfelt memories.

Two weeks in Mae Hong Son is still not enough time to take it all in. We will show you what we consider must experience but we are just scraping the surface. So destination number 2 is your choice. The Pai Canyon, a viewpoint of outstanding jungle or one of the area’s best waterfalls. Such a shame there is not more time.


Time to leave Pai and make the glorious journey to Mae Hong Son. 130kms of the mountainous twisting road is our majestic northern guide leading us to Mountain View Points of over 2000 meters tall will clouded peaks stretching into the vast distance. This stretch of road will give the more seasoned raiders of our group the chance to show their skills, certain areas are a test for sure. You will have to have your wits about you as the descents and inclines have very tight corners. Your efforts do not go unrewarded however because one of the highlights of the tour is within our sights. The park is home to one of Thailand’s infamous caves made famous for the plight of children trapped in the recent past. Our cave, named simply as Lod Cave is a magnificent example of a well-managed subterranean riverboat ride. Past events have given rise to greater risk management so there is nothing to fear here, however, the cave is an amazing experience and a reminder of that fateful incident.

From the cave, we climb to one of Thailand’s loftiest restaurants perched precariously on the side of rocky cliffs. Here we can take some time to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility. The famous restaurant is known for its delicious Thai specialties. The food is out of this world.


Enjoy a late breakfast today at the day events aren’t that demanding, today we take a look at Thailand’s historical past and the connection to Myanmar.

We’ll trek to the mountains again this time in search of the Shan people. This tribe of Myanmar’s biggest minority is thought to be around 4 - 6 million in total, although no reliable census has been made. Some have made the Northern Thai mountains their home. This community with their Myanmar heritage actually speaks a unique variation of Thai. Controversially people believe them to be the oldest true Thais, but keep that to yourself. The Shan are a peace-loving people with strong Buddhist beliefs. Our visit here gives an insight into Thailand’s diverse beginnings. Shan food has a taste all of its own and we’ll get the chance to sample some of their most loved dishes.

During this eye-opening adventure, we will discover Wat Phra That is a Burmese temple famed in history for its remains of Myanmar’s most infamous revered monks smuggled to the temple in perilous danger by devotees in 1874. The views of Mae Hong Son from this magnificent temple are needless to say stunning.


Visitors to Thailand for the majority discover a westernized society with all the modern-day luxuries and amenities they have come accustomed to in their own countries. The famous resorts of Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, and the capital offer a comfortable and affordable getaway, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, there is another side to Thailand That few if not any even know exist. Day ten is a day you will never forget, but not for the reasons you might think. The reality of the golden triangle will hit you today as we descend upon Mae La refugee camp.

We ride through Mae Sot with its lush countryside farms and plantations, a total of 175 kilometers where Thailand’s border ends and meets Myanmar. The UN-run refugee camp was established in 1984 as the plight of thousands became an international concern. 45,000-50,000 refugees now reside in this settlement consisting of mostly Karen or Karenni ethnicities fleeing the persecutions of the Burmese government. 1997 saw the last attack by DKBA troops, since then the refugees have enjoyed relative safety, however, the dry season always brings the threat of renewed violence. The visit will leave you with a mix of emotions, on one hand, the beauty and serenity of this hillside camp will fill with wonder, and on the other, sadness for the victims of man’s evil. We may get the opportunity to meet some of the refugees and their children. We always bring gifts for them which are gratefully received.

With thoughtful hearts we leave the camp and make our way to Mae Sarian where a Thai crafted all wooden hotel on the banks of a calm river becomes our home for the night. For those eager to see more of the history of the area, Mae Sariang Museum and exhibition hall will be available to you with our guides to offer their insight. Alternatively, just rest and let the peace and tranquility end a thought-provoking day.


Early start as today’s leg but before we leave we take a slight detour to pick up a reward for completing Mae Hong Son 2000 plus twists and turns. You will be handed a certificate of accomplishment from the Thai Government to hang over the mantle place. The tour continues 370km taking us through a wide variety of terrain and ultimately ending in Kamphaeng Phet. There are plenty of opportunities to really open up your bike’s potential as the roads become straighter and flatter. Kamphaeng Phet province of Thailand translates to “wall of hard diamond”. This hard cliff mountain range served as a defense line from Burmese invaders protecting the kingdom of Ayutthaya.

Comfortable and friendly accommodation is waiting for us at the end of a long exciting ride.


One of the most impressive landmarks of this province is the Khlong Lan Waterfall in Khlong Lan National Park. Time permitting we will stop off for a look at these impressive rock cliff falls as they cascade 100 meters to cool refreshing pools. This truly magnificent sight is a great place to take a dip in the unusually cold water.

Refreshed and rested, we start part 2 of the day’s excursions with a visit to Kamphaeng Phet historical park. Here lie the ancient ruins of the Sukhothai Kingdom. These national treasures dating back to the 13th to 17th centuries are rarely seen by westerners and welcome addition to our tour in this fascinating location.


We’re really getting the mile under our belts as we set off on the 380km ride to Kao Yai National Park. But what a ride it is. Touring this park on a fast powerful touring bike is like Christmas and New Year all rolled into one. The scenery is outstanding. Without a doubt, the highlight is the wildlife which is prolific here. With countless varieties of mammals including elephants, bears, deers, and monkeys to name just a few. Tropical birds in the thousands and huge monitor lizards stomping their way across the twisting roads. You’ll need your wits about you, more often than not animals will come out of the jungle forests to see what all the commotion is all about, so keep your eyes open wide, they are a lot bigger than you and your horse.

The heart of the forest becomes our home for the night, as evening draws in the night creatures come to life with every sound you can imagine. Taking a walk with a flashlight is an unforgettable experience.


A relaxed start to the day gives birth to off-road madness. It’s time to let our hair down and adventure into the jungle. Those of you who have never been off-road are in for a treat. Our highly professional guides will give you the game with trail tests that get ever more demanding. More intense terrain is on offer for more experienced riders with every kind of obstacle including Boggy sand, rocky creeks to cross, and steep inclines. We’ll come across oriental wooden bridges spanning tropical jungle waterfalls and staggering trees climbing into the sky. How’s that for a day!!


We’ve traveled the entire North and east borders of Thailand, this endeavor is thought of amongst the cycling community as one of the holy grails of riding. It is agreed that anyone who takes it on has indeed accomplished a once-in-a-lifetime epic tour. As we come back to earth through the capital city and across Chonburi province the enormity of your adventure will sink in as the Sunsets across the Thai Gulf, and we celebrate the spirit of Thailand’s Northern Dreamland with new friends and a strong ice-cold cocktail on the beach.

One for the road!

Tour Details

126,000 THB / Rider

Pillion Riders are at 25% of cost of the tour based on shared accommodation

Please Note: Our Prices are based on a minimum of 4 Riders per tour. You are welcome to book alone or with fewer people however, prices will adjust unless you are happy to be flexible with tour dates so we can put you with other riders of a similar skill level.

  • Airport collection and departure
  • Safety Rules & Presentation
  • Bike Hire
  • Helmets
  • Fuel during entire trip
  • Accommodation for entire trip
  • Breakfast for entire trip
  • Lunch for entire trip
  • Drinks the entire trip (excluding alcohol)
  • Entrance Fees to numerous national parks and historical sites.
  • 2 Tour Guides
  • Third party liability insurance
  • Evening Meals
  • Alcohol
Rider Level:
Experienced riders (3 years minimum riding experience).
Approx. 2700km
You will need:
  • Passport
  • Riding License
  • International Riders Permit
  • Insurance from your home country.

We will need 2 weeks advance notice to book the Chiang Mai Motorcycle Tours.

Full Motorcycle Medical Insurance Cover From As Little As $3.00 a day


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