Ride Safe


Ever wondered what it would be like to tour Thailand on a big powerful bike? It’s an experience beyond compare, here in this editorial we will look at the requirements and restrictions.

First and foremost is a current driver’s license which specifically covers the vehicle you will be riding. Most international drivers licenses are excepted. It would be a mistake to think you can get around this, Thailand’s laws are under constant upgrade and development. The days of bribing a policeman are coming maybe not at an end but certainly being handed their hat. Motorbike Madness adheres to all traffic and licensing laws in Thailand to keep our customers out of harm’s way.


All our grand tourers are fitted with high-powered lights and saddlebags proving extra protection. We also offer high-quality safety clothing from the top international brands. Thai roads are demanding and if you have never before ridden a big bike it might not be suitable for you. Saying that we do provide training for novice riders. Who knows, after a morning with us your hidden talents may astound

When riding you must always have your passport and license with you. Drinking alcohol is forbidden. Save it until your day’s ride is over. Helmets are mandatory in Thailand however you will see many Thai riders without them. Our bikes are always maintained to the highest standards and tax and insurance is updated annually.


There are many police stops in Thailand due to contraband and other regional problems. If you are stopped, always be polite and it doesn’t hurt to give a smile. Our bikes are fully road lawful so if you have your documents with you there is nothing to worry about.

On the rare occasion that you are apprehended, stay calm and ask to phone our base and we will try our best to sort out whatever the issue is.

There is so much to enjoy travelling Thailand and touring the National Parks and mountains is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

With Motorbike Madness you can rest assured that you do it right whether taking one of our phenomenal tours or simply renting our wealth of knowledge is always available to you.