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The past year and a half have been some of the most stressful times in countless people’s lives. But with millions of people now getting on with their lives they are starting to think about a good old-fashioned holiday. Thailand has been preparing for the reemergence of tourism with upgrades to infrastructure and newly developed resorts.

If you’re thinking of a Motorbike adventure in the Golden Triangle then it just might be time to book up. Motorbike Madness is Thailand’s premium Big Bike tour company and we’re bigger and better than ever, with an exciting new range of mid-sized Sports Tourers on offer. In this blog, we will take a look at what’s needed for a long-distance tour in hot climates and tropical jungle environments. Here is a list of must-have items for your epic tour. 

Preventive inspection

Some areas of Thailand are extremely remote with next to nothing in the way of services. If you’re contemplating an extreme road trip you’re going to need a bike in tip-top condition. Pre-check all aspects of the bike for wear and tear. Most importantly are the tires and breaks. Make sure they are in good condition and working well. Brake pads need to have plenty of life left, the mountains of the north will eat them up in no time. Make sure all fluids such as cooling, breaks, clutch, engine are all within spec.

Lights need to be bright and clean, check for broken bulbs and correct operation of indicators and brake light. carrying a few spares might be advisable.

Have an itinerary

it’s always a good idea to have a clear route for your trip. in this way you can pre-plan the items you think you will need. It will also give your friends and or family an idea of where you will be at any given time. Pay close attention to weather forecasts, have an understanding of what weather to expect during different seasons, most importantly the wet season. Flooding is becoming more and more frequent as climate change continues to affect the area.

Clothing for motorcycling in hot conditions

You might well think that the legal requirement to wear a helmet in Thailand is “up to you”. It’s true that many Thais don’t wear them but for tourists, it is definitely required. Choose a high-quality helmet suited to long-distance touring. make sure the visor is always clean and scratch-free. You will experience dusty conditions even on main roads so make frequent stops to clean it.

Thailand has three seasons, hot, hotter and, hottest. So whether your trip is long or short the right clothing is essential. You will get dehydrated in a very short time so wear strong lightweight clothing that breaths well. Long-sleeved shirts are a good idea for protection from the sun. Hands and forearms take a beating. A good quality shirt and gloves do the job. Carrying extra pairs of socks, shirts and trousers is also a very good idea especially in the rainy season. 

Do a little research for yourself before venturing out and choose high-quality garments that are suited for hot, humid climates.

Clothing that also has a quick-drying feature helps when you’re on a long leg, a quick stop at a waterfall or jungle river is all you’ll need to wash up and get going again.

Other items to consider

  • Earplugs protect you from dust and noise. 
  • Likewise, ear muffs, visors or glasses add to the protection.
  • The area of the neck is particularly susceptible to wind and sun, a scarf-like garment is advisable.

Survival kit

A well-packed kit of essentials is vitally important on long trips. We recommend the following as must-have items.

  • Do a little research and choose the tool you will need for your trip, set of spanners, mole grips, cable ties, duct tape are to name but a few. The more research you do the better prepared and safer you will be.
  • Check what kind of tires you have such as tubeless and get the right puncture repair kit for the job. Don’t forget tire irons to get the wheel off the rim.
  • Purchase a first aid kit that is specific for hot humid conditions. The risk of infections is much greater in warm moist conditions. Don’t take any chances, apply anti-infection medication to any cut or scratch.
  • Lip balm will prevent cracking lips, the wind and heat hate lips. Stay clean, sweating can lead to nasty sores and itching, keep anti-perspirant handy.
  • We don’t go anywhere without our phone, make sure it has a good GPS app, and always tell someone of your planned route. An epic adventure is only great if you live to tell the story.
  • Self-locking high-strength straps are cheap and small. They will get you out of a lot of scrapes. Add them to the list.
  • Make preparations before coming to Thailand with your local DVLC, (Driving vehicle license center) Make sure your documents meet Thailand’s legal requirements.
  • Spare cash, Locals in remote areas won’t accept credit cards except to prop up a table perhaps.

Ultimately your dream tour in Thailand is in your hands. Making simple but essential preparations can make all the difference. Motorbike Madness wishes you a safe journey. 

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