Top tips for riding in hot climates.

by Admin / September 17, 2021 / Published in Tips

There is so much to see in South East Asia, this is riding country at its best. In this blog, we discuss how to see it all in without the backache.

Before venturing out on an epic riding expedition in Asia there are many things you have to consider. Asia, especially Southeast Asia is hot, and if it’s not hot then it’s even hotter. So correct clothing and rehydration are the key. Biking leathers won’t work here but T-shirts and shorts aren’t ideal either. Getting the balance right is crucial for comfortable safe riding. If you don’t want to cramp up and suffer from fatigue it is vital that you make frequent stops for water. It’s incredible how much water the body loses whilst riding in hot conditions. Stop and rehydrate before you stress out.

Below is a list of Motorbike Madness top tips to help you ride comfortably and safely.


This point can’t be stressed enough, allowing your body to dehydrate can lead to tiredness, cramps, aches, and pains, and in some cases far more serious symptoms. Dehydration comes quickly and in remote regions water may not be available. Make sure that before setting out you have an adequate amount of water for the journey. Drink a couple of big glasses of water before you get on the bike in the morning, remember in Asia you will be dehydrated after sleep. Drinking whilst riding is another option but frequent stops allow you to stretch your legs killing two birds with one stone.

Choose your food wisely. 

Eating smaller meals more frequently is something Thais have been doing for centuries. This method of eating suits the hot climate and helps the body digest and avoid cramps. Add a little salt, it won’t hurt, salt is vital for avoiding cramping. Cutting down the sugar in your diet will also help. Eating large meals before riding is a bad idea, sitting in the same crouched position for long periods will leave you feeling tired and uncomfortable.

A complex multivitamin containing calcium, magnesium, and potassium is all helpful for avoiding cramping. You can also prepare an old favourite called Snake Juice. Here’s how to do it.

Grab a two-litre bottle of water and add 1 teaspoon of Potassium chloride. Half a teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt. 1 teaspoon of Baking soda and half teaspoon of Epsom salts. This electrolyte power pack is like carrying a first aid kit with you. Sourcing the ingredients is well worth the while.

Take Breaks

Sitting in the same position for long periods of time is never a good idea whether riding or not. Rushing just to get to your final destination kind of defeats the object doesn’t it. The best sights and experiences are missed if you don’t take your time and explore.

Get into the habit of stopping for a break, even if there is nothing to see. why not set an alarm to schedule frequent breaks.

The most important part of riding is stretching. the two main points of concern are the legs and the back. we all know that sitting for long periods of time leads to trouble. In worst cases DVT or Deep Vien Thrombosis. When you stop find a wall, tree stump, or rock about waist height and lift the heel of your foot onto it. Lean forward and try to touch your toes. This will alleviate the stress that has built up, loosen the muscles and hand string. It will also stretch out the back.


Light breathable clothing with a strong weave is the most suitable clothing while riding in hot conditions. Investing in quality custom-made hot weather riding gear is a great idea. At Motorbike Madness we provide our riders with the latest high-quality imported brands made specifically for hot conditions. You can also purchase cooling gel packs for areas that get particularly sweaty.

Riding position

Touring countries such as Thailand can be heavy going because of the heat and vast open stretches of road. You need the right bike, A Hyabusa is a lot of fun but it’s not going to cut it on one of Thailand’s epic tours. Choose a high-quality sports tourer with strong suspension and great breaks. Get on a check the riding position. Is it correct for you? We are all different, what’s right for your friends might not be right for you so don’t be afraid to alter components of the bike to make life easier for you. At Motorbike Madness we use only the best sports tourers which specifically meet the needs of Thai roads and dirt tracks. We will make sure the bike is set up for your needs and you can be assured that each and every bike is in top mechanical condition.

We hope this information has been helpful to you. Ride safely and always prepare!