by Admin / July 26, 2021 / Published in Big BIkes

The Honda CB 500X was developed for touring, this midsized tourer was inspired by the incredible success of the African Twin, a bike that has been the industry standard for the past decade. The rear subframe shares this same winning formula. 

In this midsize category, the CB500X is virtually unbeatable in terms of its versatility on-road and off. Its parallel-twin 471cc engine really packs a punch on twisting undulating roads.  Leaning into corners gives the rider a sense of control with its increased 51mm telescopic forks which soak up the bumps and make for a super comfortable ride. 

Weighing in at just 197 kilograms the CB500X is a joy to ride. Throwing it into corners and accelerating out is a dream. The 47 brake horsepower engine delivers smooth power through to 8600 revs with 43-newton meter of torque. The 6-speed gearbox with assist and slipper clutch delivers very smooth gear changes throughout the range. The twin-pipe exhaust gives a very satisfying engine tone at all revs. 

One of the outstanding features of this tourer is the comfort of riding. At 830mm the seat height is set to accommodate nearly all riders to perfection, Industry-leading rubber dampening materials are utilized to the extent that riders can comfortably ride all day long with little to no discomfort. Wide handlebars and a good-sized deflector screen add to the ease and comfort of riding. 

The Honda CB 500X is a more than capable off-road machine. 180mm of ground clearance allows for a high degree of off-road terrain making the bike an impressive all-rounder. With a 310mm front disc brake, and 240 rear the ABS breaks give even and sustained braking at any speed. 

Special heat dampening materials around the engine were developed for hot climates such as Thailand drastically reducing the temperature, that’s great for riders traveling long distances. 

Honda has pitched this gem specifically for Thailand’s roads and trails and we at Motorbike Madness are proud to have it in our big bike fleet.