Motorcycle Tours in Pattaya Thailand.

by Admin / April 8, 2021 / Published in LATEST NEWS

If it’s a little off-roading that you’re after then look no further. Motorbike Madness offers riders – with at least a reasonable ability of riding skill an outback wonderland of dirt tracks and trails.

Known as the dark side of Pattaya east of the main coastal road, this area is a labyrinth of winding roads, dirt trails, and hilly tracks. During the early days of Pattaya, the “Dark side” got its name because of the lack of street lights. Once night fell the moon was the main source of light. To this day it maintains a very Thai feel, but with the numerous ex-pats who flock to Thailand for ease of living and affordability, this area is now a popular place with an extensive variety of bars, restaurants, and attractions. 

Combining these village roads with connecting dirt trails makes for an exciting ride. It’s a chance for riders who have never been off-road before to gain some valuable experience. A morning ride with us as Motorbike Madness will give you essential off-road skills which will prepare you for more demanding adventures should you desire.

If you would prefer to stick to the road then Siver Lake with its vineyards and Italian vibe is a great ride with a great destination. A variety of attractions including water parks, golf courses, nationally renowned temples, and buddha monuments are set in the stunning undulating countryside. The roads are perfect for bikers and attract enthusiasts from all over Thailand.

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